Return Policy


Gertrudes Flowershop’s Policy on Problems that may occur during delivery of Floral Arrangements and other items:

-Floral Arrangement that was not accepted by the Recipient can be refunded by Customers due to the following reasons:

1. Wrong Flower Arrangement

2. Damaged Items

Note: In case of above reasons, Customers should inform Gertrudes Flowershop thru e-mail or call within 12 hours upon receipt of delivered items to avail of the Refund.

-In the event that Gertrudes Flowershop delivered wrong Flower Arrangement to Customers, the flowers shall be replaced with the correct Floral Arrangement or with equal or higher value of flowers, in case the subject flowers are not available from Suppliers at the time of wrong delivery.

-If the Recipient of the ordered items was not available during the time of delivery, Customers will be notified thru e-mail or call. In case, the Customers cannot be reached, the ordered items will be returned to Gertrudes Flowershop for storage. We will only deliver the ordered items again once the shipping cost is paid. Additional Cost shall be shouldered by Customers, in case of request for new Floral Arrangement and items that may be included in the new order.

For outside Metro Manila delivery:

It is advised that Customers call or e-mail Gertrudes Flowershop first before placing orders to determine whether the recipient’s address is deliverable. Otherwise, placed orders that cannot be delivered will only get 70% refund by the Customers from the total amount paid.